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C is for chickens.

Check out this article by Jenna Woginrich entitled, A Beginner’s Guide to City Chickens. The author discusses and breaks down the process of owning chickens into a step-by-step process: Check With Your City’s Livestock Ordinances (And Your Neighbors) Do Your … Continue reading

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B is for David Byrne.

Have a house? Don’t burn it down. David Byrne can make it sing. Check out Byrne’s NYC sound installation entitled “Playing the Building” in which individuals generate sounds by activating various sections and systems within the Battery Maritime Building. From … Continue reading

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A is for Abigail Reynolds.

Abigail Reynolds is a London-based artist who has generated a collage series composed of photographs taken of a particular location shot at different points in time. Ms. Reynolds merges the 2-dimensional images through strategic cuts and folds to create well-orchestrated … Continue reading

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