Trouser House relies on the generosity of educational partners, civic leaders, corporations, foundations, and individuals like you to sustain its mission. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please contact us first so that we may coordinate with our fiscal agent.
You can participate in this project by donating:
your time | items on the materials list | direct funding

For Volunteer  inquiries:
To contribute to the Materials List, please email the following address to schedule a time for pick-up or drop-off:
Materials List

Organic pesticides (Thurcide, Spinosad, Neem)
Organic soil enhancing materials (bone meal, liquefied kelp, fish emulsion)
Coconut fiber
Soil (please contact us before purchasing)

For Direct Funding:

Make a donation now using PayPal by clicking here:

Please make all checks payable to: Trouser House
Trouser House
4105 St. Claude Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
Support for Trouser House comes from:



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