As a non-profit public charity, Trouser House relies on the generosity of educational partners, civic leaders, corporations, foundations, and individuals like you to sustain its mission.
You can participate in this project by donating:
your time | items on the materials list | direct funding
For Volunteer and WWOOFing inquiries:
To contribute to the Materials List, please email the following address to schedule a time for pick-up or drop-off:
For Direct Funding:

Make a donation now using PayPal by clicking here:

Please make all checks payable to: Trouser House
Trouser House
4105 St. Claude Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
Our sponsors:
Our partners:

Materials list



Organic pesticides (Thurcide, Spinosad, Neem)

Organic soil enhancing materials (bone meal, liquefied kelp, fish emulsion)

Coconut fiber


2 Responses to Support

  1. Jenni and Charlie says:

    Me and my boyfriend were wwoof interns for Trouser House for a month and it was awesome! Emily was a wonderful host and her mission is very noble. She is an asset to her community. We watched her invite neighbors to meals and events at her house and gallery as well as sharing her garden with the neighborhood kids! We highly recommend volunteering there!

  2. Matus Ferguson says:

    It Mr. Matt Ferguson from Waynesville NC. I will be in town tomorrow, Tuesday and it would be nice to see your project and catch up with Emily Morrison from WaynesVegas. I am on my way back to NC to work on a sustainable farm this spring, Lets catch up and share ideas. 828-734-5221.

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