Marrero Middle School Permaculture Program

With Christmas around the corner, another semester of classes has ended at Marrero Middle school. This fall, students in the Trouser House permaculture class built solar ovens, learned how to test N-P-K levels in soil, and planted numerous seeds in their garden. Students have been tending the gardens since last year, growing a variety of fruits, herbs, and vegetables–highlights of the recent harvest included Kale, Endive, Arugula, and Mustard Greens.

As part of the garden program, students participated in farm-to-table lessons where they learned how to harvest and prepare the fruits of their labor. For the fall farm-to-table series, we used fresh greens from the garden to test a variety of recipes for homemade dressing. Each recipe was designed and prepared by students in the class, and flavors ranged from ranch-style dressing to an herb-infused oil and vinegar mix.

There was heated debate about which dressing was the best, so the kids decided to make a film about the recipes they invented and how they would (ideally) decide which was the best. Check it out below…

In a pre-teen world, where pizza is a staple food, the dietary incorporation of fresh fruits and vegetables is an uphill battle. I believe the garden plots at Marrero Middle School are providing students with both access to and excitement for fresh foods, ultimately guiding them toward healthier nutritional choices.

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Artist Service at Trouser House – November 30

This Wednesday, November 30, 7-9pm, join us for the inaugural event of Artist Service: a meeting for artists and curators so they have a platform to share and discuss finished work or work in progress.

Organized by Salon des Refuses artist Margaret Hull, this meeting is the first in a series of artist and curator-led critiques held in venues across New Orleans. For more information on this and other Artist Service events, please email Margaret Hull at

Please bring a finished piece or sample of your work in progress. Artists working in all mediums are invited to attend.

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Holiday Sale at Trouser House!

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