The First Black Sheep Acres Exhibit – Closing Event Saturday, June 23, 6-9pm

Steve Soltis at Black Sheep Acres

Black Sheep Acres, a sister project of Trouser House, is proud to present its first Artist-in-Residence exhibition, closing this Saturday, June 23, from 6-9pm.  The pop-up installation, titled Recent Works & Bad Inventions, includes sculpture and paintings by New Orleans-based artist Steve Soltis. The exhibit is held at 2448 N. Villere Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The collection of works was made by Soltis while he was in residence and working at Black Sheep Acres this Spring. Check out this excerpt from the curatorial statement, written by artist Chad Spicer:

The artist’s sculptural assemblages are constructed out of turn-of-the-century tools and found objects, gathered from an on-site barn. Assembled into off-kilter, absurdist inventions, these objects stand at the ready, eager to ensnare their user into injury, guffaws, and head scratching. The illusion of use wanes with inspection, begetting a sense of danger and comedy…visions of oneself trying to drive a nail with a spring necked hammer – or – to pitch hay with a chain handled pitchfork illustrate the tongue-in-cheek conceptual notion of Soltis’ sculptures.

The paintings work as companions to the artist’s found object assemblages. Hanging amidst wood and rusted metal objects, these oil on canvas works provide both conceptual dimension and express the artist’s intention while at Black Sheep Acres. Soltis’ earth-toned oil paintings depict bar patrons, passed relatives, Cherokee ghosts, and self-portraits–expressing both the artist’s psyche and evoking a universal sense of nostalgia. The quietude of Black Sheep Acres has allowed Soltis to flourish and the works made during his residency express the maturity and humor of this mid-career artist.”

Soltis has exhibited in countries across the globe, featuring solo exhibitions in Germany, Greece, Spain, and the United States, among others.

The studio at Black Sheep Acres

June 9 – 23rd, 2012

2448 North Villere Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117

Opening: 6PM – 9PM, June 9
Closing: 6PM – 9 PM, June 23
All other hours by appointment @ (504) 215-5135

Emily Morrison
4018 Muddy Springs Road
Magnolia, Mississippi 39652
telephone: (512) 626-3653


About trouserhouse

Trouser House is a non-profit contemporary art + urban farming initiative in New Orleans, LA.
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